Have you had a miscarriage; maybe multiple miscarriages?  Have you talked to anyone about the loss of your child or children? 

miscarriage healing, counseling, pregnancy, life choices medical clinic, altamonte springs, florida, orlandoIt is important that you have a chance to grieve for the loss of your little one.  The loss of a pregnancy - no matter how early or how late – can result in feelings of grief or discouragement that may overwhelm you.  For many women, the emotional healing takes longer than the physical healing that follows a miscarriage. 

Life Choices Medical Clinic is here to help you.  We offer Miscarriage Healing classes for you and your boyfriend or husband.  Please allow us to provide the solace and strength you need in the sorrow of your loss. 

Even if you have had repeated miscarriages, you may still have a good chance to have a successful pregnancy.  Future pregnancies will need prompt, early evaluation.  Life Choices may be able to help.  Inquire about Progesterone Treatment for Miscarriage.

Please give us a call to find out more.

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